Why Center the Voices of Young Women and Gender-expansive Youth?

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Building Our Model, Movement Building

As we reflect on all the hardships we have faced these past few years, it’s essential we center the voices of the next generation that is inheriting this world.

At I Am Why, we have been busy tending to our growth so we can pave the way for the next generation of young women and gender-expansive folks. We have been working hard to bring our ideas and passions to the forefront, hand-in-hand with our mentors from previous generations, to build community and sharpen our leadership skills. We are working with young activists from around the country to cultivate the kind of pathways we want to offer system-impacted youth, including opportunities to sit on our board and apply for one of our new co-executive director positions.

We are building leadership at I Am Why by centering youth, leveraging our privileges, and truly investing in building young people’s skills and providing financial compensation.

This past year we have grown so much, officially incorporating and hiring our first full-time staff member (that’s me!). All of these exciting changes and opportunities are allowing us to step into our power and, in turn, create even more opportunities for youth of color.

Building community and creating policy change as we face the realities of living in a global pandemic have been real! Working remotely has been challenging, but I Am Why has been proof of what passion, dedication and investment in young women and gender-expansive youth looks like.

-Alondra, I Am Why program associate

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