A Southern Momma Taking in a Fledgeling

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Blog, Motherhood, Movement Building

During the spring of 2019, Justice & Joy National Collaborative organized a conference called In Solidarity, which gathered young women, gender-expansive youth, and organizers. This would be the first time a single mother traveled alone with her firstborn child—well, almost alone. Though the single mother was with a couple, she stayed to herself as the couple had issues they had to work through during the trip. She had a small turquoise stroller to push her child in, though the small seven-month-old didn’t want to be in the stroller—he wanted to be in someone’s arms or on the floor exploring. 


The single mother had been struggling with the infant in her arms when a young Black mother noticed she needed help—especially because no one else was paying attention to the first-time single mother. The young Black mother was a polished traveler, as she had two children at the time, and had taken many trips with her infant, and with her older son when he was an infant. She decided to approach the single mother fighting with an infant to stay in her arms. 


“Darling, why are you struggling like this?,” a strong but kind voice came from the young Black mother, as she reached underneath the stroller she was pushing for a baby carrier which she handed to the single mother. “I over-packed so you can use this for the trip.” 


That was the first time I had met TK Cross, and that will forever be my favorite memory of her. There was no hesitation in her actions the moment she saw me with my son, who was a heavy infant and my arms looked like they could break from the weight. After returning her baby carrier, I didn’t speak to her until an interview to be a part of a group project known as IMPACT (!MPACT) in 2020. I immediately remembered her, and her act of kindness, which led to a stronger bond later on. 


Once I had informed TK I would be joining I Am Why’s Motherhood Support Group and the larger community, she was overjoyed she’d get to work with me on other projects. Seeing how she’s grown over the last few years in her leadership and her sisterhood has been an incredible honor. As a leader, she is a stronger voice with even stronger ideas. As TK guides groups through a writing prompt, she leaves room for creativity and originality. In personal relationships, she nurtures those she loves like one would nurture their garden. 

I’m thankful for the universe throwing TK in my path, as she is the Black mama I needed in my life to yell at me to stand on business. 


-Mirah Marcus-Garcia, I Am Why Embrace Creative Freedom Lead, Speak On Us Co-Lead

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