Who tf is you

by | Oct 4, 2023 | A Day in the Life, Art and Activism, Blog, Racial Justice

Who tf is you

Excuse my French but who tf is you 

Why you think you can take life you didn’t provide 

Who said that’s what you should do

Y’all way of thinking to me is crazy 

I am black 

Let’s sit for a minute and discuss the thinning

Of ya brain which clearly is insane

Now if one plus one is two 

And take both of my skin colors we still screaming fuck you

Because literally when I walk in a room 

What you think is right 

goes out the window because I am black and white 

Duality and clarity is what is presented to you 

I am black

Now I’m not saying erase the white people 

But I’m screaming leave my people 

We are not taking no more than we deserve 

I understand my power because of who I serve 

Everything we touch turns into gold 

Y’all tried to leave us with nothing 

And still we are bold

Y’all try to bury our history with truths untold

How would you like it if ya son died from a chokehold

By a person so called train and put in place to protect

I am black

I wear it like a badge of honor setting in the highest land we will take a stand 

I get it fear breeds hatred in such a deep part of y’all hearts

The fear of how we can still maintain 

walk with our crowns when you thought you gave us a frown

Understand we can’t be broken because the strength is within 

I am black 

We would love unity because it’s the right thing

Clearly being god creation isn’t a white thing

Because he made no mistakes this way 

But again come rap with me real quick 

The sun should rejuvenate you 

What does it do

Music should move you in such a groove that one can follow you

What does yours do

Your hair should form into an extension of you 

Standing tall and or out 

Your crown should form anyway about 

What does yours do

Yes just a few that makes us stand out from you

Now hear me out 

I suffer from some of those things 

But I am black 

And I know we are kings and queens

Stop touching us before we touch back

Because bitch I am black


-Mel I Am Why Consultant

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