Motherhood Support Group Releases a Zine

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Motherhood, Reproductive Justice


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For over two years, I Am Why has hosted a nurturing space that has uplifted and validated the voices of mothers.

The purpose of the Motherhood Support Group is to build a community of mamas to share stories and heal from past and current traumas of a world that often.

 tries to censor who we are. 

 Even through unsure times of the pandemic and the toxic racial climate, we were still able to convene while exercising our lived experience through expressive means and psychological safety.

 Every discussion, page written, emotion felt, and vision dreamt led us to the realization that we were not meant to be hidden but were destined to be bold, unapologetic, and fierce.  

It is our honor to present to our colleagues, allies, stakeholders, co-conspirators, friends, family, and most importantly, fellow mamas the byproduct of our consistent efforts of channeling our collective pain and adversity into true restorative resilience, the Motherhood Zine Series.

Our first volume will include 3 dynamic issues that each will include written entries of members from Motherhood support, a detailed collaborative call to action, authentic artwork, a letter from the lead editor, and an op-ed section discussing specific systems and policies that impact young parents.

We welcome you to experience the raw emotions of our stories, fears, worries, hopes, and dreams. 

We welcome you to motherhood.

With Love, Solidarity, and Deep Gratitude,


-Lanitta Berry, I Am Why consultant & the I Am Why Motherhood Support Group

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