Do You Hear Me?

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Gender Justice, Reproductive Justice

In the year of 2022, I became more awake to a world that felt like it hated women. Feeling more unsafe everyday. I remember reading so many posts and articles about women’s reproductive rights— CHOICE—being stripped from them. 


I was angry.


I was furious because it’s our body, it’s our choice. Birthing anything into this matrix is life or death from the female autonomy, whether it is human or animal. 


I am for all people but I am a woman above all things. Yes I support everyone in their choices but that doesn’t mean I should be stripped or made less of my own. 


I felt pain. 


I was fearful. 


I thought to myself…it was one more thing taken from us, without a choice.


I became educated that the organizations that were created were really out… to hurt… us.


I felt endangered that nowhere was safe, feeling more hate about being a woman than my melanin in my face. 


I provide no shade to any choices of inclusivity but there is no need to bring shame to the girl I was born to be.


I’m in my soft girl era so please don’t call me Cis, or a birthing person in and field. Not in hospital, political office, legal writing or representation.


I am a woman, a female, that’s it!


In the voice is HER “…See Us!” 


Despite what a law/policy or any other person/thing says 


I am a woman


I am a Queen 


And deep within my veins words, never change a thing! 




My words are why you hear the voice of this woman ring! 

-La’Nesha, I Am Why Consultant, Embrace Creative Freedom Co-Lead

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