At a Glance

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Gender Justice, Youth Voice

A path begun and ended

A journey of a life wondering what is the truth to forgiveness

She watched through the glass of her eyes

To sprinkle glitter and wear pretty bows


Throw a ball and wear the marks

Without a fight or war but left with scars

Dreams of being a princess and all magical things laid to rest

Realizing they see us as nothing more than a pawn

In chess the Queen is deemed to protect the king

As in reality but we often miss the scheme of things

To be soft but not to shed too many tears

To be independent for most of your years

To be dependent but still raise and bear the land

To birth the nations sometimes without a held hand

Every step I take

Every step my heirs take



And hers

Our lives, our momentum, they won’t break

The creators of life

The Gods we are

Fly to the sun and not to the dimmed star

Live and embrace all of what they can and cannot see I am a


Listen to my soul speak

– La’Nesha, I Am Why consultant

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