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by | Sep 27, 2023 | Blog, Movement Building, Youth Voice

What does my current work as an I Am Why consultant look like?

I participate in the Motherhood Support Group and am a member of the Speak On Us and Self Advocacy Learning Pods while co-leading the Embracing Creative Freedom Pod. In these spaces, I’ve developed my leadership and facilitation expertise. While adapting my skill set, I’ve also had opportunities to practice my advocacy by expressing my authentic narratives.

Co-producing a zine last spring with an inspiring group of mothers prompted me to reframe my dream of being a writer. When I became a mother at 19, I pursued a creative writing degree; however, I stepped into my motherhood entirely and decided to leave that dream behind me. In my, I Am Why spaces, I’ve had a chance to see myself through a different lens that acknowledges my accomplishments. I’ve been encouraged to step into my power as an individual. As co-lead, I see myself furthering my skills in facilitation while assisting our community to unleash their inner poets. Growing as a creative entity that questions the “normal” paradigm has been a long-term goal I hope to achieve soon. 

Becoming an outspoken and self-expressive leader while believing in myself is a challenge I never believed I would adapt to. However, I have had many chances to step into my leadership. I am grateful I found a group of women who accept and uplift my broken pieces. Supporting my collective within I Am Why has been and, without a doubt, will continue to be fulfilling. I plan to utilize what I’ve learned in my I Am Why leadership roles to step into opportunities that allow me to advocate for young families and Indigenous youth within my community.  


– Elmirah, I Am Why Consultant, Embrace Creative Freedom Co-Lead

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