• Circles

    Create a Space

    We recommend beginning and ending each workshop in a physical circle if possible. Having EVERYONE in the room stand or sit in a circle is important because it is an opportunity for all participants to see each other, and in turn feel seen.

    Safe Space

    Check-in Questions (10 min)

    Checking in and out is a chance to hear everyone’s voice. Some people aren’t naturally talkative, so this is a structured and productive way for them to be involved in conversations. This is also an important community building process for people to get to know each other.

    Grounding - Promoting / Absorbing Community Healing (20-30 min)

    Grounding is a way to shift energy to find common ground.  As this workshop is often new for people, grounding supports the group to create unity; it centers your energy and acknowledges what is happening in your participant’s life and the community before entering the room.

    Group Commitments/ Norms (5 min)

    We recommend all workshops begin by creating a list of group norms to create a safe space within your own specific environment. We have led workshops within detention centers, community spaces, non-profit organizations, virtual spaces. Each space has their own needs and should create their own list.

    Focus on creating a space dedicated to:

    • Accountability
    • Having an enjoyable time
    • Being yourself
    • Respect
    • Sharing space as well as materials

    Which circle sounds right for your group?

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